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Tecnam Dealership

CieloBlu is the Exclusive Factory Authorized Dealer in CA & AZ

Tecnam manufactures a broad array of piston-powered, sport, flight training, transport and commuter aircraft. The company has committed to producing more environmentally sustainable aircraft.

Over 7,500 Tecnam aircraft are in service around the world.

Threshold Aviation Group

We work closely with one of the largest Aircraft Maintenance, Management, Service, and Support organizations in Southern California

Threshold specializes in Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions, Aircraft Storage, Managment, and Maintenance, Cargo Handling, Interior Completions and Maintenance

Threshold operates out of KCNO and KAUN



CieloBlu specializes in buying, repairing, refurbishing, and selling business jets.

Often CieloBlu works in support of corporations, financial institutions, and insurance companies to resolve distressed asset issues. 


CieloBlu and its affiliates have over 100 years of experience in aircraft acquisition, management, and operational capacities. 

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