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P2010 TDI


The P2010TDI is where performance and comfort meet in one sexy IF package. 4 seats; 3 passenger doors; 1 baggage door. Continental CD-170. Metal wings, landing gear and stabilator. Carbon fire fuselage. Balanced controls. Unsurpassed stability.


The state-of-the-art Tecnam P TwentyTen is the most advanced high-wing modern single-engine aircraft in the marketplace, today with Continental CD-170 Diesel engine. This four-seater aeroplane brings together an advanced technology all carbon fiber fuselage with a metal wing and stabilator, an expansive cabin featuring ergonomic front and rear seats with exceptional legroom and a separate third entry door.


The wide composite cabin allows for a large instrument panel with state of art avionic options: twin-screen G1000 Nxi IFR, new Flat-Panel Suite with integrated GFC700  autopilot.

An aircraft that burns just 5.2 US Gal per hour (less than 20 liters) is no longer just a dream. And it is no longer a dream to cover 1,000nm or stay airborne for more than 14 hours with the full-tank capacity of 63 US Gal (240 liters).

The TDI engine grants excellent high-altitude performance with a fast cruise above

140 KTAS at 10,000ft and ceiling up to 18,000ft. The P2010 TDI is the best way to reach your favorite destinations and live unforgettable moments.


Additional Information

Tecnam's choice of Diesel fuel offers the following benefits:

• Reliability and safety thanks to the redundant FADEC system (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) without mechanical back-up

• Significantly lower operating costs due to lower consumption and lower fuel prices for kerosene in many countries

• Comfortable operation

• Jet fuel, same as for civil and military jet aeroplanes

• Compliance with U.S. DoD requirements: one single fuel

• Consumption up to 50% (long-range cruise) less fuel than comparable ignition


• Payload and range improvement

• Instant start

• Availability of supply where Avgas is unavailable.


Engine Type: Continental 170 (170 hp)

Fuel: Jet A / Diesel 

Max Cruise: 140 kts 

Range: 961 nm

Useful Load: 838 lbs 

Delivery date: Available Now

Serial Number: 219, 221

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