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2022 Tecnam P2008 - N502FG 


  • Maximum Approved Altitude: 14,000 ft

  • Maximum Range: 514 nm

  • Maximum Cruise: 116 kts

  • Stall Speed (Flaps Down, Power Off): 39 kts

  • Takeoff Run: 602 ft

  • Rate of Climb: 800 ft/min

  • Landing Run: 568 ft

The Tecnam P2008 is powered by the Rotax 912 ULS engine which produces 100HP and a max cruising speed of 120kts - all while burning 4 gallons per hour. The sleek and beautiful lines of the P2008 incorporates a level of comfort, quality, and efficiency that has made it the ideal aircraft for private owners and flight schools. The interior features the Garmin G3X touch suite, two eco-leather adjustable seats, and charging ports. This aircraft comes with the Garmin GFC500 Autopilot and a pitot tube with built in angle of attack. The P2008 is "the aviation made smart": easy to fly, cool and with low cost operations.

Tecnam P2008

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