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2023 Tecnam P2010 IO-390 N698T 


The state-of-the-art TECNAM P2010 is the most advanced high-wing, modern single-engine aircraft in the marketplace. Balanced controls. Unsurpassed stability. The P2010 satisfies the needs of even the most demanding and discerning private owners, offering superior performance and the most up-to-date avionics suite from GARMIN. This four-seat aircraft combines advanced carbon fiber fuselage technology with a metal wing, stabilator, and an expansive cabin featuring ergonomic front and rear seats with exceptional legroom. Access to the rear seats is made easy through a separate third entry door. The wide composite cabin allows for a large instrument panel with state-of-art avionic options: twin touch screen G1000 NXi IFR flat-panel suite with integrated GFC700 autopilot. Innovation has always been in Tecnam’s DNA, the P2010 represents tangible proof.

Tecnam P2010 IO-390

  • Maximum Approved Altitude: 14,000 ft

  • Maximum Range: 530 nm

  • Maximum Cruise: 140 kts

  • Stall Speed (Flaps Down, Power Off): 52 kts

  • Takeoff Run: 1,060 ft

  • Rate of Climb: 1,130 ft/min

  • Landing Run: 778 ft

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