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The sleek and beautiful lines of the single-engine Tecnam P2008 incorporate a level of comfort, quality and efficiency that have made it the ideal touring aircraft.

With its carbon-fiber fuselage, and metal wings and stabilator, the Tecnam P2008 has a vast number of advantages over traditional aircraft. 

The combination of both composite material and metal has resulted in a more fuel- efficient, cost-effective, quieter and environmentally friendly aircraft. The single-engine Tecnam P2008's versatility and ease of use have established it as both the aircraft of choice for Flight Training Organizations worldwide as well as recreational flyers alike. Tecnam chose metal wings and stabilator structures for strength, reliability, and ability to flex in-flight, providing a more comfortable ride. To produce the desired increase in cabin width and greater aerodynamic efficiency, Tecnam chose carbon fiber. The decision to utilize both materials was for the optimization of aerodynamic qualities, flight characteristics, and reliability.

The P2008 is "aviation made smart": easy to fly, stylish, and with low cost of maintenance.


Additional Information

  • The wide cabin allows for large instrument panel avionics: Garmin G3X with two screens

  • Premium leather interior 

  • Roomy baggage compartment w/ internal access to accommodate bulky items

  • Rotax 912 ULS2 100 Hp, optional Rotax 912 iS Sport injection, or Rotax 914 Turbo guarantees exceptional performance and eco-friendly consumption, with low CO2 emissions.

  • Composite airframes that create a robust yet light airframe resulting in outstanding payload-to-total-weight ratio


Serial Number: 213

Engine Type: STD Rotax 912 100 Hp

Max Cruise: 116 kts 

Range: 510 nm

Useful Load: 465 lbs 

Delivery date: Available Today!

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