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P2010 Gran Lusso 



The P2010 Gran Lusso is the ultimate Tecnam luxury experience. The Gran Lusso is a concentration of precious details and the highest level of comfort. The Gran Lusso allows Tecnam to showcase its innate Italian characteristics by combining virtuous craftmanship, state-of-the-art technology, and sophisticated design. The TDI engine grants excellent high-altitude performance with a fast cruise above 140kts at 10,000 ft and ceiling up to 18,000 ft. This aircraft provides all new solutions to bring pilots and passengers experience to new levels of excellence. 


Additional Information

  • New layout of cockpit panel 

  • AFCS Control Unit GMC 707 autopilot with ESP 

  • Flight Management System keyboard and knobs (GCU475)

  • Shining aluminum Trim control wheel in central console 

  • New parking brakes for easier control 

  • Double mobile phone housing 

  • Improved USB ports 

  • Electrical rudder control trim relocated 

  • New wing tips with integrated LED lights 


Engine Type: Continental 170 (170 hp)
Fuel: Jet A/ Diesel 
Max Cruise: 140 kts 
Range: 961 nm
Useful Load: 805 lbs 
Delivery date: 4th QTR 2023
Serial Number: 232

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