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P2006T - DEMO



The first choice for Flight Training and private owners.

Flexible and economical, the Tecnam P2006T is recognized worldwide as the most efficient twin-engine four-seat aircraft with fully retractable landing gear in a class of its own. The superior, high-wing configuration offers stability, superior cabin visibility, and easy access for passengers and luggage. Tecnam has used its extensive experience with
aluminum airframes to create in the Tecnam P2006T a robust, yet very light airframe, resulting in a remarkable payload-to-total weight ratio.


Thanks to its features, the P2006T has established itself as the aircraft of choice for not only the world's most reputable flight training organizations but private owners alike. Furthermore, it has been selected by NASA as the baseline platform for X-57 Maxwell development.

Additionally, it is the favorite aircraft among leading General Aviation flight-test journalists who praise its styling, handling, and very low operating cost. This aircraft with twin engines, constant-speed propellers, and retractable gear offers a "complex" training environment at a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

The P2006T has a unique “Made in Italy” design which is impossible not to fall in love with. 


Additional Information

  • Twin safety is provided by the twin-engine configuration, both together burning less fuel than comparable single-engine on the market;

  • Aluminum creates a robust, yet light airframe resulting in leading payload-to-total-weight ratio;

  • The wide cabin allows for large instrument panel avionics options: twin-screen G1000 NXi IFR; 

  • Multi-Engine, Constant Speed Propeller, and Retractable Gear make the P2006T the ideal solution for training and cross country, including long overseas flights;

  • Two four-cylinder four-stroke Rotax 912S3 liquid-cooled engines of 100hp to guarantee exceptional performance and consumption;

  • A piston twin who can save up to 60% of CO, emissions against any competitor is a class of its own. 

  • The P2006T was chosen by NASA as the platform for the X-57 Maxwell, an all-electric technology that will make flying cleaner, quieter, and more sustainable.


Engine Type: Rotax 912S3 100 Hp

Fuel: Jet A / Diesel 

Max Cruise: 145 kts 

Range: 650 nm

Useful Load: 816 lbs 

Delivery date: 4th QTR 2022

Serial Number: 372

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